Professional Loft Conversions in North London

A great solution to expanding your home is with a loft conversion. When expanding outwards is not an option, expanding upwards is often the most viable solution. Look in the space of your roof. Have you ever really considered how valuable this space can be? Convert your loft space into a bedroom, a bathroom or even a home office. The space in your roof can be quite significant and quite often, you can add a couple of different rooms or even a small flat. But for that, you will need to hire us, Eternal Design and Build since we perform loft conversions in North London.

Eternal Design and Build can help with every aspect of your loft conversion. We'll help you plan and design your loft conversion and deal with building regulations, planning permission, scaffolding and more. If you need to alter the roof externally, we'll also ensure that the additions match the rest of your home. We'll help you decide if you need a roof light or whether your loft conversion will be a hip-to-gable, mansard or a dormer. Let us turn that huge empty space into extra rooms for your growing family. The right loft conversion will not only make your family life easier; it will also add value to your home.

Loft Conversions in North London by Experts

The loft conversions in North London are carried out by our experts. Besides, having more than 10 years of experience in the construction domain, we ensure successful transformation of spaces in properties. Moreover, to convert the extra space on your roof safely, our specialists will always inspect your property first to understand the overall structure and how much it can withstand the transformation. Then, based on the results, they will initiate the conversion. However, even while converting the additional roof space, our builders will comply with the local construction guidelines since we believe in a safety-first policy.

During the North London loft conversion process, we use top quality materials to make the entire space durable. Besides, no matter the way you want to customise the loft, our specialists will do so intricately. That’s because quality workmanship is our identity and is something that we celebrate. Moreover, this is something that makes us stand out as a company that is into property modifications and improvement.

What Makes Us the Best Loft Conversion Company in North London?

Eternal Design and Build is considered as the best loft conversion company in North London since

  • Our loft conversion specialists are skilled and qualified
  • We complete the loft conversions on time and with accuracy
  • We customise the loft space as per your requirements
  • We use the top-quality materials for converting lofts in properties
  • While converting lofts, we follow the necessary steps

To learn more about the loft conversion in North London cost or to get your queries solved, regarding how we transform roof spaces, call us now.

Stylish Attic Conversion in North London Adds Class & Value to Homes

When it comes to offering attic room conversion in North London, Eternal Design and Build is next to none in terms of finesse, class and perfection. An attic comprises the entire floor of a building. That’s why, our experts take into account the getup of your rest of the dwelling and come up with an attic conversion, which adds significant value to your home.

As your family grows and the compulsions & needs of your life change, a quality attic conversion will provide a workable alternative to moving an altogether new and larger property. We will plan an extra bedroom, which is often the primary criteria of an attic, though the list of opportunities can very well be endless. With Velux windows, unique lights and decor settings, kids’ playroom and hobby room, the attic conversion in North London we come up with, will be your abode of peace and tranquillity, besides being a value multiplier for your home.

What’s the Difference Between a Loft and an Attic?

The difference between an attic and a loft seems to have blown off enough dust of confusion since time eternal. While an attic comprises the entire floor of a property, a loft will encompass just a few rooms, leaving the rest of the place open to the ground or lower floor. Thus, the structural difference as well as the principle of conversion varies accordingly.

North London Dormer Loft Conversions are Aesthetically Richest

We are one of the best, when it comes to offering dormer loft conversion in North London. A dormer loft conversion involves incorporation of a box-shaped structure onto a pitched roof, setting up of walls that sit, making a right angle to the roof. This not only adds to the headspace, but floorspace as well.

Dormer loft conversion comes in different forms and we are competent in all these types of dormer loft conversion. The types of dormer loft conversion we offer include:

  • Flat roof dormer: This particular loft comes with a flat roof that sits horizontally
  • Shed dormer: It comes with a flat roof which slanting slopes at a definite angle
  • Dog house dormer: It comes with a roof with twin-pitched sides like a classic dog kennel
  • L-shaped dormer: This form of loft  comes with two parts,which form an L shape.
  • Hipped roof dormer: This variety has a striking similarity with a dog-house dormer, but it features three, instead of two sides.

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