To plan your home extension, you will need to take various points into account. But before you proceed, you need to understand the different types of house extensions that are constructed by the builders. Today, we will be taking a look at some of the most common extensions that you can find in North London. Thus, this post can help you understand these extensions and make the right decision.

Let us now delve into the main discussion without further delay where we will look at the types of extensions that can be done in homes.

  • Single Storey Extensions

This is one of the most common house extensions in North London. As the name goes, a floor is added to the property. It can be on the rear side, or on any of the sides depending on the available space and structure of the home.

The entire extension is constructed in a planned manner so that it goes well with the structure of the home.

Single-storey extensions can be further divided into three categories. They are

  • Rear home extensions

Provided that you have space at the back side of your house, you can extend it to build a kitchen. You can add glass doors as separators and even extend the area onto your garden.

  • Side return extensions

If you have an old Victorian or Georgian house with extra space on any one side, you can transform the same into a kitchen-diner with a roof light or glazed ceiling that will help illuminate the area.

  • Wrap around extension

If you extend the back and side of the property, thus increasing overall floor space, it will be called a wrap-around extension. However, before you can invest in the same, you will need to consult a house extension company in Edgware, if you are from this region,to learn whether this type of extension can suit your property.

  • Double Storey Extensions

This is yet another common house extension that can be found in most North London regions. Here, as the name suggest 2 storeys/ 2 levels are added to the existing property. This type of extension is quite affordable and is very popular since it enables the maximisation of living space.

The double-storey extension can be built either at the side or at the back of your home.

  • Basement Extensions

Considering your house is built on a slope, you can extend your basement to the area below the ground.

In this space, you can add windows, glass doors, etc. to make it look appealing.

  • Over-Structure Extensions

This is a specific type of extension where you can build an extended space on the existing structure. Basically, this is an extension over an extension.

Generally, this type of building modification is recommended by a house extension company in Hampstead that has the expertise to maximise space and add an extra bedroom, study or playroom.

  • Rear Dormer Extensions (Loft Conversions)

If you want to create additional head height and base area, you can invest in this type of extension. However, similar to that of the other extensions, this needs to be constructed in a planned manner.

To invest in rear dormer extensions, you should consult with specialists who have years of experience in this domain.

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