Every successful house renovation in North London is the result of thorough and well-researched planning. If you want a smooth and safe renovation without overspending or encountering huge problems, you need to do a lot of preparation. Here’s a complete how-to guide that you can follow when planning a house refurbishment in London.

  • Hire an experienced contractor
    For your plan to be effective, you need the expertise and experience of home remodelling contractors. By having an expert on your side, you can be sure that every aspect of the project will be reviewed and that nothing will be overlooked. You can be more realistic when it comes to setting your budget–and you will also know whether the design you are going for is feasible for your house. Just make sure to compare quotations, experience, and specialisations when shopping for home remodelling contractors to choose the best one.
  • Check what projects need permission
    Do you need planning permission when renovating a home? The answer depends on the type of work that you will be carrying out. To avoid delays and unexpected penalties, do some research if the renovation works you intend to do requires planning permission or building regulations approval.
  • Create a schedule
    It doesn’t matter if the renovation is major or minor—you still need to schedule everything properly. This way, you can keep track of the progress. Scheduling is more than just setting dates for every single job that needs to be done. It is about organising them in the right order. Always start with the biggest projects (such as roof replacement and foundation repair) because the subsequent and smaller projects are affected by them. Interior painting and finishing should be last on the list.
  • Get your funds ready
    You don’t necessarily have to wait until you have all the money you need to begin a renovation project. Still, you should be sure that you have a stable source of funds to finance it. If you plan to borrow money from lenders, then get pre-approved early. Before estimating renovation costs, find out the value of your house and the value of each room in it. Then, set a budget for each room that you will renovate, making sure that they are will not exceed their values.