To keep the first floor and the underfloor of a property warm, reputable builders in North London and the surrounding regions will install heating systems methodically. They will use various systems to ensure warmth and here, we will discuss how. So, if you are planning to install these systems on your property and wondering how the builders can help you with the same, this post can give you an overview.

Heating System for the First Floor

  • Installation of Metal Heat Transfer Plates¬†

This is an effective heating solution in North London that builders will install so that you can experience the warmth in your floor.

These metal plates are installed between the joists to keep the underfloor heating tube firm. Besides, these plates act as thermal conductors and are highly responsive. Besides, these plates are easier to install which makes them a favourite of the builders.

  • Heating System Placed Between Joists

UFH or underfloor heating systems are sometimes installed between timber joists, after the installation of the upper floor deck. This is a safe process and the installation can also be completed quickly. Besides, this method of UFH installations enables hassle-free upstairs work.

  • Heating System Placed on Joists

Sometimes, Hampstead builders can install the heating tubes fitted on timber joists since this type of installation is convenient for the builders. However, the builders will also have to use a strong metal plate system to achieve an effective heat transfer. Thin ones can experience sagging and lead to an increase in response time. On top of this, metal-plated UFH is affordable. For this reason, most builders prefer this solution.

  • Installation Of Pre-Routed Gypsum Boards

Another type of UFH system that is installed on the first floor is the pre-routed gypsum boards that provide top-notch acoustic performance. These systems also reduce noise transmission on the floors below. On top of that, these boards are affordable and are also easier to install.

Heating system for Suspended Floors

  • Warm Water Underfloor Heating

This is an effective UFH that Golders Green builders and those working in the other regions install. This type of heating system is effective and does not add height to the floor construction. However, they need to be installed with expertise. So, when it comes to underfloor heating, this System can work best.

  • Installation of Heat Transfer Plates

The next type of underfloor heating used for suspended ground timber floors is the installation of heat transfer plates. However, the builders use this solution only if there is sufficient insulation already present. However, if the same has to be upgraded, the builders do the needful to achieve the desired results.

The steps that have been mentioned here are also followed by Highgate builders. They use all these systems for the first floor and suspended floor heating. However, before a system can be installed on your property, you should discuss it with them.

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