There are no hard and fast rules that only the grand old buildings will not be energy efficient and they need to be revamped to turn them into energy efficient homes. Relatively newer buildings may also lack the energy efficient or eco friendly features. Here is where the home refurbishment experts will come into play.

These professionals will use all their expertise to add new features to make these buildings energy efficient. On this page, let us discuss the solutions that these professionals would come up with during home refurbishment in North London

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are extremely effective renewable energy solutions, which these professionals use instead of a boiler. Two types of heat pumps that are used include:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

While the air source heat pumps of ASHPs extract heat out of the air, the ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), as the name says, are designed to draw heat from the ground. The heat thus extracted is then transferred to the heating system of the building. Thus you see, these heat pumps are the most eco friendly solution, when it comes to heating the interiors during winters. They are not only a renewable source of energy, but they also help in lowering carbon emissions. They also produce more energy and thus, are recommended by the professionals offering Home Refurbishment in Edgware


Insulation is of paramount importance, when we speak of maintaining energy efficiency in newly constructed homes. They will help in the retention of heat, and this means your home will need less energy to warm up. Also, by restricting the airflow, insulation will be able to help your home in heat retention during the cold winter months and reduce the necessity of having to heat up the interiors. It will naturally increase energy efficiency and that is one of the reasons why experts offering home refurbishment in Hampstead would always opt for insulation.

When it comes to choosing insulations the experts will use a number of options. Blanket insulations like fibreglass is a very common option. However, more eco friendly solutions are available that include wood, hemp, cork, sheep wool.

Underfloor heating 

It is another extremely effective way of insulating your home. That is the reason the experts offering house refurbishment in North London would suggest incorporation of this feature to keep the home as warm as it can be during long British winters.

The main advantage of UFH is that it encompasses the entire floor area and thus will offer you a proper and uniform insulation.

Going Solar 

Experts offering home refurbishment in North London would also suggest opting for solar panels to gain solar energy as it will help you to go green in the power sector.

Thus, these are some of the best and the most effective steps that the home renovators would suggest opting for, for adding energy efficiency to the new homes.

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