The compulsions of human lives change with time. Lifestyle changes and needs change as well, along with asking for changes in the ambiance and surroundings we live in. Thus, a dwelling that seems perfect today may turn out to be insufficient tomorrow in terms of space, layout, style, and utility. That’s the reason families leave their old houses and move to newer, bigger homes at different locations. However, you cannot change homes at the drop of a hat.

Firstly, it is an extremely expensive affair, and secondly, uprooting the entire family from a known environment and settling in a new place takes a heavy toll on human psychology and habitats as well. That’s why, instead of changing homes in pursuit of added usable spaces, experts would suggest going for home extensions. It gives the leverage of staying in the same place but with the extra space required. More importantly, it is much less expensive than buying an entirely new home. Besides, it also adds to the value of property.

Thus, if you are looking for some added space to accommodate your new lifestyle, you can choose from the following types of home extensions, depending on your needs and the layout of your property.

Rear Extensions

As is evident from the name, it is all about extending the extra space that you have at the rear of your home. You can use it to have a patio or pergola built in the backyard. These rear extensions are an amalgamation of outdoor and indoor space and are thus considered a hybrid extension. They are suggested by North London builders only when the rear of your home has enough space to permit the extension. It is also one of the most cost-effective options for house extensions.

Sideways Extensions

The name of this type of extension is again self-explanatory. If you have an extra space in front of your alleyway or a path on either or both sides of your property, you can use them to have this type of home extension. Alternatively termed a ‘side return extension’ this is one of the most effective home extensions that add to the value of your property.

Boundary Based Extensions

Also known as ‘wrap around’ extensions, these boundary-based extensions are a seamless combination of the rear as well as the side return extensions. Since these extensions help you to come up with more wrap-around spaces, you can utilize the added space to get another kitchen, a dining space, a living enclosure, or even an entertainment zone. However, this is a pretty complex form of home extension, and the North London builders would need to prepare a foolproof plan for the extension. Besides, this is a pretty expensive home extension as well.

Two Storey Extensions

Alternatively termed “double-story extensions, these are the extensions that involve building a second floor on the ground floor of a property. This essentially leads to a doubling of the available space without spending much.

Dormer Extensions

This is another form of roof extension, wherein the pitch of the roof is extracted, followed by the creation of a flat roof to set up an ensuite bathroom or master bathroom, and at times, a kid’s bedroom.

So these are the types of extensions you can choose from. For further details, get in touch with Eternal Design and Build as we are one of the best in-home extensions. Contact us at 07728 034 763 or 020 8488 1230 to book our service or get an online free quote.