There are times when the look and feel of your bathroom take a rather pensive look either because they become outdated due to passage of time, or because they create visual monotony.

These are the times when you are required to revamp the look and feel of your bathroom and for that you need to get in touch with the best professionals who are into bathroom remodelling. Now, when it comes to revamping your bathroom you must be careful about the ideas. While selecting the ideas you need to ensure that you opt for the one that will add to the functionality quotient of your bathroom and will add value to your home.

Changing the tiles and floorings

One of the most effective ways of face lifting your bathroom is changing the tiles and the flooring of your bathroom. When you have the most innovative tiles and perfect grouting installed it will add the look and feel of your bathroom. Besides, top quality tiles are water and heat resistant and durable, adding the value of your home. Also, you can opt for anti-slip tiles and tiles with studs that protect the aged persons from slipping over. Have some extra grouting, as it wi9ll resist mould and mildew, humidity and stains.

Another very prominent upgrade is adding radiant-heated flooring. This makes a huge difference in the comfort during the long Australian winters. Besides, these radiant heat floors will also help in savings in the long run by turning the space more heat efficient. That is the reason, the best tiling and flooring by the best bathroom fitters in North London will add significant value to your property.

Upgrading the Toilet

Eco-friendly and low-flow o toilets add significant value to your home, as they help in water conservation. Thus, if you are looking forward to adding more value to your home, and at the same time, conserving the environment, opting for low-flow toilets is one good step. You can also ask the bathroom fitters to install toilets with hidden tanks as they save space and the fittest for the small bathrooms of modern apartments.

Prioritising Ventilation

Mould and mildew are the wrecker-in-chief for every bathroom. Thus, when you add a window or two or a skylight that will help in drawing out the humidity and moisture. Also, they would help in allowing more natural light to come in, thus keeping the interiors warm, bright and dry. It lengthens the life of the wall paints, the grouting and will add significant value to your entire property.

Maximising the Storage

Storage, especially in the small bathrooms is an added bonus. Thus, when it comes to upgrading your bathroom ask the bathroom remodelling experts to add some extra compact storage that will add value to your bathroom and the entire property.

Upgrading the lighting

Last but not the least, add new chic lighting to your bathroom. It will help you make the best use of the new mirrors as they will reflect the light to make your bathroom appear brighter and more appealing. A modern and improved lighting system that compensates for the layout of the new-look bathroom will add significant value to your home.

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