The underfloor heating on your North London property or those situated in other regions can malfunction due to various issues. Though the system itself is efficient and keeps rooms warm, challenges emerge if they fail to perform as they should. So, here we will take a look at them and discuss a few ways how you can avoid them.

We will be primarily considering water-based and electrical underfloor heating since these two systems are used at most in buildings.

  • Single Zone Heating Problem: Causes and Solutions

A single zone on your building might fail to heat up or heat generation might not stop at all. This is a challenge, and the possible causes and its solutions include:

  • Pin Valve Problem

Underneath each actuator, a small pin exists, and this needs to be free. But if the pin is stuck to the actuator, the former needs to be freed up. But to do this, you will need to hire professional North London builders having the necessary experience with these systems.

  • Failed Actuator 

The second problem for the single zone heating problem is a failed actuator. If there is an electrical problem in the circuitry, heating can be affected. However, to detect and fix the same, you will need to hire a professional electrician.

  • Thermostat Problem 

Considering the fact that an electrical underfloor heating system is installed, a problem with its thermostat can generate certain issues. So, Edgware builders recommend that you call in electricians and get it checked for electrical faults or any possible malfunctioning of the thermostat’s batteries.

  • Incorrect Thermostat Calibration

If the thermostat is set up incorrectly, underfloor heating can be affected. However, resetting the same can fix the issue.

Generally, calibration errors are displayed on the installed panel. So, if you notice any uncommon values, you need to reset them. But if you cannot understand any of these values, you should call the builders or electricians who have set it up.

  • Air bubbles in the Underfloor Heating Pipework 

Sometimes, air can get trapped in the underfloor heating pipes which lead to heating issues. In this scenario, you will need to call Paddington builders who will remove the actuator and get rid of the air bubbles to restore heating.

  •  Multi-Zone Heating Problem: Causes and Solutions 

Let us now take a look at some of the challenges of multiple zone heating problems and how you can avoid them.

  • Pump Failure Or Wiring Board Relay 

If the circulation from the pump fails, you will experience underfloor heating issues in multiple zones. Similarly, relay from its wiring boards can lead to this problem and to diagnose and fix them accurately, you will need to call in an expert electrician.

  • Valve Pin Problem or Wiring Board Power Failure 

If the pin valve of the thermostat is stuck, this problem will emerge. Freeing the same will solve the issue. Similarly, if the power to the wiring board is down, there can be a multi zone underfloor heating failure.

According to the local builders in North London, you should call in electricians to get them fixed.

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