A loft conversion is one of the most cost-effective, feasible ways of adding usable space, look & feel and the value of your property. In fact, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting an extra habitable space as well, if you compare it with holistic home extension cost or the expense of getting a new bigger home. However, there is a catch!

You must consider a few things before you opt for the loft conversion. The idea is to make the most of the loft conversion and ensure that you do not flout rules in your efforts to have a loft conversion done. On this page, let us discuss a few factors that you need to take into account opting for loft conversions.

Structural Integrity

This is the most important factor that you need to consider before opting for loft conversions in North London. Many people tend to ignore this point. They forget to consider whether the loft conversion they are conceptualizing will be supported by the existing structure of your home. In fact, this is one good reason why you need to hire the best loft conversion specialists. They will take into account the structural integrity of your home and suggest the best type of loft conversion accordingly.

Head Height

Before getting on with the loft conversion project, you need to make sure that the loft will have a ceiling height to support an individual in a full-standing position. Some lofts after conversion turn out not to be tall enough, posing a lot of issues subsequently. Although the UK building regulations permit head heights of 2.2m, a far more comfortable height of 2.4m has been recommended, once a new floor covering has been laid and the ceiling finish has been completed.

Quality North London Builders offering loft conversions will measure and inform you precisely the amount of headspace you will have, once the loft conversion has been done with.

Building Regulations

As loft conversion is considered to be a minor home extension and improvement project, it generally does not demand any need for an application for approval from the civic authorities. Still, expert and experienced Edgware builders would suggest having the project approved by the authorities to ensure that the project abides by the set UK building regulations.

Number of Windows and the Natural Light

This is another extremely important point that has to be taken into account. The number of windows that the loft will have will determine the amount of natural light your loft will have during the daytime. Now, this will depend upon the type of loft you will have, which in turn will be determined by the type of roof and the layout of your home.

Fire Safety Regulations

Do not forget the fire safety regulations while planning the converted loft. Because of space limitations, it is likely that the loft will not have any separate fire escape provision unless it is connected strategically to the common fire escape of the entire building. Therefore, Hampstead Builders would suggest taking into consideration fire safety regulations while conceptualizing the loft.

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