You can give your small living space a makeover and make it more attractive if you have a design and decoration plan. But if you lack the ideas, you will need to research and talk to your builders in London. You will need to tell them their needs so that they can materialise the same and enhance the appeal of the compact space. 

Here, we will be providing you with some painting and decoration ideas that can make your living space stand out. So, go through them mentioned pointwise and if you like one, describe it to your builders so that they can implement the idea in an organised manner.

  • Give a Touch of Nature to the Small Living Space

By including aspects of nature, you can transform your space and make it appear refreshing. To do this, painters & decorators in North London suggest that you include small or large house plants. Additionally, for the successful ‘natural’ makeover, you will need to include natural wall colours such as yellows, deep greens, etc. These colours will go well with the house plants and make the living space nature-oriented. Moreover, if you have fewer storage spaces, the living space will look more spacious.

  • Maintaining the Balance

If your compact living space is well-balanced, it will look aesthetically pleasing. To establish this balance or symmetry, you will need to decorate the indoor area methodically. For this, you will need to establish a focal point in your room where you can place anything in its centre that will attract attention. This can be a plant, a table or even a decorative element such as a piece of art. 

Now that they are placed in the middle, you should ask the North London painters and decorators to place other storage spaces or furniture diagonally or parallel to the focal point to establish symmetry.

  • Making the Room Appear Large With a Mirror

You can make your compact living space appear more spacious by including a large mirror in the room strategically. 

You should ask the decorators & painters to place the mirror near your windows or just above the fireplace. Since mirrors reflect light, the small living room will be illuminated most time and will thus appear elegant.

  • Vertical Stripes Look Eye-Catchy

You can transform any compact living space by painting the walls with vertical stripes. 

This type of design will make the room appear tall and thin. On top of that, by getting the walls painted with stripes of dual colours, you can make the ceiling appear higher than usual. This is a unique painting idea that you can put to use for transforming your small living space.

  • Sufficient Illumination is Needed

If you want to make your compact room appear spacious, you will need to include the right paint colour and lighting, both of which go hand in hand.

If you don’t want to add a natural accent, flat light colours such as pink, blue or yellow can work well. For this, you will need to find professionals who can do the needful. Search the internet with the term ‘painters and decorators near me’ to get a list of experts from which you need to choose the best one.

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