Underfloor Heating systems are ideal and need to be taken into consideration if you are deciding to extend your property or planning to refurbish as this eliminates the use of radiators and provides a greater design flexibility with the layout and during furniture placement. Secondly, as the entire floor acts as a heater it provides a greater comfort level and prevent any cold spots as is the case with a traditional radiator sometimes.

We have 2 main types of underfloor heating system – water and electric.

As the name clearly suggests water underfloor heating involves a series of pipes connected to a boiler via a manifold and hot water is circulated throughout the floor to heat up the space. In the electric system, a series of electric wires are installed beneath the flooring which heats up the room.

Water underfloor heating system floor build up involves insulation panels, water underfloor heating pipes, covered with 65-75mm screed, and then the final floor finish. On the other hand, the electric underfloor heating system floor build up involves insulation/foil to prevent heat from going down, heating cable mat, tile adhesive, covered by tiles/final floor finish. Temperature of both these heating systems are controlled by thermostats.

In terms of cost, electric underfloor heating is cheaper and easier to install, however the running costs are much higher compared to water underfloor heating system.

Eternal Design and Build has been installing electric and water underfloor heating systems in houses in North and North West London and can advise, design and build for you and your property. All our work is personally supervised by our company directors to ensure it is carried out to the very highest standard. So, whatever your needs, we will manage all aspects of the project from the initial planning and design stages through to building work and anything else that may be needed.