When it comes to conducting home extension, the sky’s the limit, to start with. You do not have a limit when it comes to extending your home. It is only the budget attached that may hold you back from unleashing your imaginative and innovative acumen to its fullest. But that’s a different story altogether and beyond the scope of discussion. Let us on this page, discuss a brief account of a highly glazed extension, which is one of the most popular forms of extending your home. Any reputed company, offering house extension in North London will advise going for highly glazed extension, because it augments the value of your property by a considerable extent.

What actually is a glazed extension? 

Before we get into an in depth study of how and what value does glazed extension add to your home, let us know what actually is a glazed extension.

If the total glazed area of your building crosses a quarter of the total floor area after the extension, your home extension can be classified as highly glazed. However, there are certain constraints because excessive glazed surface can result in optical inconvenience for your neighbours because of a very high rate of reflection on bright sunny days.

Deciding between an all out glazed effect and a balancing act

Yet, if you are not bothered about the inconvenience it causes and the local laws notwithstanding, you can be adventurous enough to create frameless boxes, made up entirely of glass, and supported by a glass beam framework. Or, if you are looking forward to having a transparent effect you can opt for glass panels that are attached together with the help of transparent structural silicone glue. Now this will add a unique look and feel to your property, so much so that it adds significant value, provided it abides by the law.

Again, if you want to get rid of this rather exhibitionist streak and opt for a somewhat restrained look and feel, you can ask the house extension company in Edgware to go for a balance between the conventional brick wall extension and a wall composed of sliding glass doors to give a more chic look and feel. This will not only add an innovative look and feel, but will again, add value to your property.

Regardless of the way you take, a glazed house extension is going to add significant value to your home either way. .

Adding Glaze to Practically ‘everywhere’

Glasses are not to be meant for the exteriors only. You can opt for glazed staircases and railings and even balconies, which the experts of a house extension company in Hampstead will be able to seamlessly integrate with your home extension project.

The modern double glazed glasses come up with high thermal performance. They come with very low U-value, which is a significant factor while complying with the local building regulations.

Thus, one of the advantages of hiring a quality house extension company in Golders Green is that they are more than familiar with the latest trends of glazed home extension, and can comply with the local rules and regulations in regards to home extensions.

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