Thanks to the advent of new concepts in bathroom design, new technology, and new concepts, the layouts of bathrooms, like any other space in buildings, both commercial and domestic, have come a long way. That is why bucks these days do not stop at the mere installation of the layout of the bathroom. You need to configure the layout effectively, so that the functionality quotient of the bathroom increases. This is more evident in the case of commercial bathrooms, where the commercial wash space needs to be considered with the utmost care and caution.

On this page, we will discuss the bathroom configuration layout that will work the best for your property. Remember, it is no longer all about lining a few toilet cubicles and adding some sinks. Let us discuss a few points that need to be taken into account while configuring a new washroom during bathroom remodelling.

Ensuring Systematic Use

It is imperative that the order of the flow of users in and out of the bathroom is as seamless as it can be. It has to be seen that there is no commotion within the bathroom, especially during peak hours. The configuration of your bathroom has to be such that everyone has equal access to the urinals and there is enough privacy to be maintained. It has to be seen that there is no blockage of the flow of users and hustle and bustle within the toilet. All these have to be taken into account.

A seamless & clean design

When it comes to designing a new toilet or wash space, seamlessness has to be maintained in the design. It has to be seen that the design of the toilet has to be neat and clean, with a lot of sprawling space that facilitates easy movement, and easy and fast cleaning. This is good not only from the users point of view, but for the cleaners and housekeepers as well. As they can clean these wash spaces fast, their productivity increases manifold.

Maintenance & Durability

As the owner of the property, you would naturally want your washroom to be durable. It should last long enough to justify your investment, and your trust in the bathroom fitters in North London is justified at the end of the day. Therefore, your washroom would need fittings that are stubborn enough to withstand the rigours of daily use. Setting up top-quality ductwork and ventilation, concealing all the exposed cisterns, pipework, and the plumbing system (this will save from accidental knocks and damage) will make the bathroom more sustainable.

Installation of Energy saving Equipment

The bathroom has to be greener, as it is one of the major sources of green business. The scope is immense, from waterless urinals and low volume cisterns to sensor taps and energy-efficient hand dryers. They give you the same functionality quotient but with much less energy consumption and very high economic savings in regards to water usage.

Healthier Bathroom

Besides these cutting-edge, latest fittings, there are some other gadgets as well that would make your bathroom much healthier. Sensor activation is one of the best steps to improve usability as well as hygiene. And then, there are infrared-activated lights and the sensor flushers and taps to remove the need for physical touch for the users. This significantly reduces the use of bacteria.

The bottom line is that you need to build a bathroom that the users will love to use. For that, you need to summon a quality bathroom remodelling company. Call Eternal Design and Build at 07728 034 763 or 020 8488 1230 to book an appointment or get a free online quote.