21 Apr 2023
Bathroom Remodelling

How to Perfectly Configure Bathroom Layouts the First Time?

Thanks to the advent of new concepts in bathroom design, new technology, and new concepts, the layouts of bathrooms, like any other space in buildings, both commercial and domestic, have come a long way. That is why bucks these days do not stop at the mere installation of the layout of the bathroom. You need to configure the layout effectively, so that the functionality quotient of the bathroom increases. This is more evident in the case of commercial bathrooms, where the commercial wash space needs to be considered with the utmost care and caution.


28 Oct 2022

6 Classic Bathroom Renovation Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

Redesigning your bathroom can be pretty difficult if this is your first time. You might run into various complications while planning for the same. But what’s worse is the mistake that you can make if you are not attentive or if you do not consider all factors. So, here we will be primarily focusing on the classic mistakes that many people make while planning a bathroom renovation. Besides, we will also take a look at how you can avoid these mistakes and make the project successful.